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Wolverine's Revenge is a mixture of action and stealth combat. There are some minor adventure elements mixed in, but this is essentially all about getting from point A to point B killing as many people along the way as possible. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then Revenge probably won't be your game, but if you enjoy a sort of old-school action feel mixed in with some stealth combat, Revenge may yet be worth your time. Wolverine has several powers that he's known for. His super senses, healing factor, and adamantium claws are all well represented in the game. Players can extend or retract Wolvie's claws, and when the claws are retracted, Wolverine slowly regains health.

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In 1983, Nintendo introduced the Famicom in Japan - later known as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the U.S. Atari controlled such a large percentage of the market, the company offered Atari the rights to distribute the product in the U.S. These plans fell through and North America did not see Nintendo until 1985.

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